Simplicity Wins: How to Boost Cloud Work Productivity

By Christian Reilly

Has digital transformation unleashed a Pandora’s box of data and tools? Anticipating cloud work’s most common side effects, a new executive brief from MIT Technology Review Insights in association with Citrix, says that the proliferation of apps and cloud services at companies today is providing knowledge workers with great new capabilities, but increasing technology complexity. As a consequence, employees find it harder than ever to find the right information and stay focused on tasks. Over time, these issues can affect employee engagement and the ability to win and keep top talent.

Simplify the cloud journey

But a solution is at hand. Organizations are implementing management frameworks and deploying specialized cloud applications that integrate seamlessly to create a flexible, scalable infrastructure.

This approach helps minimizes the application log-ins, constant data searching, and task switching that bedevils many employees today. Distraction is a constant challenge: Once interrupted, it takes workers an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to a task.

Better employee experience

Employees don’t mind using more systems, but they need to access files and apps from anywhere, on any device. While 61 percent of knowledge workers access four or more systems, 13 percent need to access 11 or more systems to do their jobs on a regular basis, finds the report. Workers want the same experience whether they are logging in from the office, home, a coffee shop, or an airport.

When they get experience that is seamless and personalized, employees are “naturally going to feel more at ease, they’re going to be leaning in, they’re going to be excited,” says Cyrus Mistry, group product manager for Chrome OS at Google, who was interviewed for the report.

AI will change the world of work

Anticipating cloud work’s most common side effects offers insight and tips to IT decision-makers who seek to deliver a great experience to all employees, while keeping Pandora’s box firmly closed. It also casts a vision for how AI will make the technology experience more personalized and intuitive in the near future.

Christian is CTO for Citrix Workspace Services.

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